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Just who are you and what do you do?

My name is Matthew Kilgour and

I read #books, drink #coffee, ride #bikes and make up #marketing. I'm the Head of Creative Strategy at @Earnest.

I know it sounds like a made up job. It is a made up job. All jobs are made up when you really think about it.

I'm like a labradoodle. Only instead of being part gun dog and part snooty poodle, I'm 50% creative director and 50% strategy director. I like my job. I also like running in fields and eating things I find on the floor, like an actual labradoodle. What it means is that I spend most of my day translating client needs/wants/issues into creative solutions via strategic thinking.


I once rode my bike from London to Vietnam.  My advice would be to go to all the places that people tell you not to because the people you find there are good and kind.

The world is really big and very complicated and lots of people want you to think its small and simple. Ignore them. 

I think the world is weird and getting weirder. I think strategy needs to rise to meet the weirdness and I think creative needs to roll around in it. Weird is good. Weird is what sets us apart from boring.

London & NYC.






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Brand building & campaigns & strategy
& creative
& problems solving
& whatever is weird and good and fun.

This little paragraph doesn't really do anything tbh.

June 2014 - Present

Head of Creative Strategy, Earnest

At Earnest I have been a strategist, the head of insight and now full time head of creative strategy. Depending on weather you are feeling rude or complementary, i either function as a problem-solving minister without portfolio or i'm a full time floater.

Earnest is a full service marketing agency combining game-changing strategy and creative to deliver real results for clients in the business-to-business space.

We specialise in:
> Helping brands stand out from the crowd.
> Devising high performance marketing strategies.
> Developing campaigns that surprise, engage and perform in equal measure

Skills cover b2b branding, integrated planning, online marketing planning - across direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising, sales enablement and thought-leadership and social networks

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