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All possible futures will be weird.
Let's build beautiful business brands 

How I can help


B2B comms crit

What i'll do:

I'll work with you to audit and assess key brand and comms assets; like your website, ads, social, sales enablement material or content. 

What you'll get:
A detailed report and set of  recommendations as to what to do next with your comms.


Brand positioning 

What i'll do:

Work with stakeholders, in and outside your organisation as needed, to build and refine

a B2B brand positioning strategy unique to you,

What you'll get:
A strategic story that argues for the best of your brand, 

elevating you above your peers.


Campaign consulting

What i'll do:

Review your objectives, audience, market and operating constraints to find the right campaign framework to deliver what you need. 

What you'll get:
Depending on the task;

a campaign strategy, platform and GTM plan.


The Häus Special

What is this?

Some challenges don't fit into neat boxes or follow easily described paths to resolution. These are the best problems to work on.  They could include:

  • A misfiring campaign

  • An incomplete re-brand or re-positioning

  • Audience insight or segmentation

  • Marketing team transformation or upskilling

  • ...or just something very awkward to fix

What i'll do:

Work with you to understand the issue or opportunity and build a response that's effective, fit for purpose and built around you.

What you'll get:
This is hard to define as it depends on the nature of the task.  But if you're interested in help with this, then frankly I can't wait to see what it is we can build together. 

Check back soon
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